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Hello and welcome

I'm a photographer based in Yorkshire who specialises in wedding,
portrait and headshot photography. I also undertake commercial
commissions, including interior photography, theatre productions and
event coverage.

I am married to Kelly, my long suffering wife, and we live in Huddersfield with our cat, Simon.

I've always had a passion for photography, from watching my grandad
repair old cameras in his spare room to looking through the press
photography of my godfather.

I endeavour to create detailed, stunning and memorable images and my mantra is simple:- there's beauty in everything!

So, sit back with a cuppa and have a browse through my blog. Comments
are always welcome, so don't be shy (Although I will delete anything
that is abusive or makes fun of my hair!)


Sarah & Ian – Engagement Shoot

This week has been a busy one; pre-wedding shoots, client meetings and a boat-load of editing to contend with. Still, I’d rather be busy than the alternative! To start the week we met up with Sarah & Ian, who’s 50’s themed wedding promises to be a fantastic mix of venues, outfits, live music and vintage vehicles! The couple own and run Moss Hagg Farm Campsite & Cottages in Selby Common and are making good use of their land with a huge marquee on their wedding day – so what better place to explore on the engagement shoot…


If you like what you see please feel free to leave comments at the end of this post, or click the ‘like’ button!


At the back of Sarah & Ian’s land is a handy corn field, so in we waded for a few romantic shots…

The couple own chickens (a rare breed whose name I can’t remember). It seemed only appropriate that I allowed them some time in the spotlight…

This monster – fittingly nicknamed “The Beast” – is Ian’s vehicle of choice for the journey to the church on their wedding day. I hope those country lanes can cope!…

Here we have JimGem – so called because when Sarah first got him she thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’. Now they’re not sure.

And finally the whole family – including JimGem, Marmalade and Ben the dog (who loved the camera).


All that remains now is for Kelly and I to find our 50’s outfits and we’re ready for the big day in two weeks time… I can’t wait!

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by Pete

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