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I'm a photographer based in Yorkshire who specialises in wedding,
portrait and headshot photography. I also undertake commercial
commissions, including interior photography, theatre productions and
event coverage.

I am married to Kelly, my long suffering wife, and we live in Huddersfield with our cat, Simon.

I've always had a passion for photography, from watching my grandad
repair old cameras in his spare room to looking through the press
photography of my godfather.

I endeavour to create detailed, stunning and memorable images and my mantra is simple:- there's beauty in everything!

So, sit back with a cuppa and have a browse through my blog. Comments
are always welcome, so don't be shy (Although I will delete anything
that is abusive or makes fun of my hair!)


Kirsty & Ben – Cave Castle Wedding

Hello there, it’s Kelly. I thought I’d give Peter a break and write this blog and I thought I’d better introduce that fact before everyone accused him of writing in a “girly fashion”.

Not long ago we joined the lovely Kirsty and Ben for their wedding at Cave Castle in Hull. When we turned up the weather was not so great (read tipping it down) so we were all hoping it would get it over and done with before the wedding festivities were due to start! Anyway as usual, Pete was with the Bride and the girls in the morning and I was with Ben and the lads.

Anyway, here’s a few of our favourites from the day…


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Kirsty and the girls started the day at the hotel’s spa getting their hair and make-up done, sipping champagne and eating french pastries. A great way to start any day!

Then the girls went back to their hotel room to finish getting ready where Pete came across some of Kirsty’s beautiful jewellery (that I’d kindly positioned in amongst the bouquets for him earlier. I take full credit – although he did drape the bracelets nicer than I had).

The dress!

Struggling to work out the dress!

I’m not sure exactly what it is about this shot but I absolutely love it.

Same with this one – sometimes I think Pete could be a photographer. 🙂

Meanwhile, I was with Ben who was having a slightly less relaxing time than the girls because he was looking after their two boys – Tyler and Blake.

Ben adding the final touches to his speech.

More final touches…

I like this one of Blake contemplating his toes whilst the chaos happens around him. However, he did then offer me what he had found which I was less happy about.

Ben is actually a very accomplished pianist and he played us a little tune whilst waiting for the ceremony to start. I think he was trying to take his mind off the nerves.

It’s funny how many ‘Groom looking at his watch expectantly’ shots that I get. However, this one is justified as Kirsty was running a little late. Bride’s prerogative.

Yay, the Bride arrives…finally. You can see Ben is relieved…and very happy.

Unfortunately, this Registrar was not happy with us taking photos during the ceremony. She did say that she would stop the ceremony during the ring giving and get the couple to pose for us. This is never the best as it doesn’t look natural but Kirsty and Ben were pros and you couldn’t tell – perfect!

Pete also managed to get a few cheeky shots of the kiss in whilst everyone was stood and clapping.

I love this shot I caught of one very happy Bride.


This absolutley amazing creation was made by Claire from Just Darling Cakes – a fantastic cake-maker based in Huddersfield. When she told us it was going to be bling we had no idea how bling! Ben and Kirsty almost refused to cut it when the time came.

Pete asked if he could comment on the next one…

“We will fight them on the beaches…”

The speeches were great and culminated in the Best Man speech which had visual aids. Funny for everyone except the Groom!

On our way out to take the Bridal Party photographs we saw this number plate that Ben had sneakily put on their car.

The girls.

The boys.

We’d love to take the credit for getting our first ‘Bride in Bath’ shot but it was all Kirsty and Ben’s idea. Kirsty took us up to their room and literally jumped in the bath. We love it when our couples really get into the photography!

To infinity and beyond!

The first dance…

They had a fantastic Queen tribute band for the evening which everyone loved.

I think this is the perfect shot to end on.


We had a lovely time with Kirsty and Ben and wish them all the best for their honeymoon and the rest of their married life together.

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by Pete


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July 12, 2012 - 2:15 pm Claire weir - Fabulous shots, the wedding looks amazing and I just LOVE Kirsty's dress. Thank you so much for featuring the cake and giving me credit, very much appreciated. My favourite shot is the one after the cakes with the adorable baby!

July 14, 2012 - 8:21 am Ben & Kirsty Merritt - Thankyou for some fantastic photos, it really brings our big day to life. We both appreciated the work you both put in and it was a long 15 hour day for you. You brought calm to the chaos during the group shots and I was impressed with Kelly's ability to organise the shots so smoothly. Peter came up with some really good ideas for the shots and I look forward to seeing the rest of them, many thanks again, Ben & Kirsty

July 17, 2012 - 2:26 pm Kelly Boyd - Thanks you guys. We had an absolutely fantastic day (I think you'll be able to see that when you see ALL the photos!) and thank you for letting us share it with you!

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