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Hello and welcome

I'm a photographer based in Yorkshire who specialises in wedding,
portrait and headshot photography. I also undertake commercial
commissions, including interior photography, theatre productions and
event coverage.

I am married to Kelly, my long suffering wife, and we live in Huddersfield with our cat, Simon.

I've always had a passion for photography, from watching my grandad
repair old cameras in his spare room to looking through the press
photography of my godfather.

I endeavour to create detailed, stunning and memorable images and my mantra is simple:- there's beauty in everything!

So, sit back with a cuppa and have a browse through my blog. Comments
are always welcome, so don't be shy (Although I will delete anything
that is abusive or makes fun of my hair!)


High-Key Portraits – A PocketWizards Test

I recently splashed out on some new PocketWizard gear – namely the MiniTT1 transmitter and FlexTT5 transceiver. They’re great pieces of kit that allow you to fire a dedicated flashgun (called a Speedlite) OFF camera and retain all the complex exposure metering magic that current SLRs have to offer.

So I thought I’d have a bit of a play one rainy Sunday afternoon. Kelly (my wife) had seen an image online of a woman wearing a structured white dress against an over-exposed white background. The effect was very ‘high-key’ (very light with no deep shadows) and tightly cropped to draw attention to the dress detail. The image had obviously been taken in a studio with precise control of numerous lights, but I wanted to see if a similar effect could be acheived with the kit I had in my camera bag.

So once Kelly had donned a white dress we found a spot in the house that would serve our needs – which ended up being a muslin curtain pulled across a window. I placed the FlexTT5 (with Speedlite attached and set to manual output) on the window sill behind the muslin curtain and pointed it upwards. I then mounted the MiniTT1 atop my camera and fitted another Speedlite on top of that. The camera-mounted Speedlite was set to ETTL mode (Through The Lens metering) and set to over-expose by 3 stops. I also aimed the on-camera Speedlite at the white ceiling to soften the output.

We tried a number of poses, with subtle changes between each, and below are what I consider to be the best of the bunch. Comments and critiques are always welcome…


Tip: Press F11 for a full-screen view


All images have been post-produced, but only exposure tweaking and cropping.


When comparing the original image with my efforts the results are pretty similar – and it goes to show what can be acheived without the use of dedicated studios and costly gear!

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by Pete

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