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Hello and welcome

I'm a photographer based in Yorkshire who specialises in wedding,
portrait and headshot photography. I also undertake commercial
commissions, including interior photography, theatre productions and
event coverage.

I am married to Kelly, my long suffering wife, and we live in Huddersfield with our cat, Simon.

I've always had a passion for photography, from watching my grandad
repair old cameras in his spare room to looking through the press
photography of my godfather.

I endeavour to create detailed, stunning and memorable images and my mantra is simple:- there's beauty in everything!

So, sit back with a cuppa and have a browse through my blog. Comments
are always welcome, so don't be shy (Although I will delete anything
that is abusive or makes fun of my hair!)


Claire & Nathan’s Wedding at Middleton Lodge

Once again we have another splendid wedding for you – this time we joined Claire & Nathan for their celebrations at Middleton Lodge. In an uncommon twist Kelly was first on scene with Nathan and his groomsmen as they got ready at the couple’s home, before heading to the pub for bacon sarnies and dutch courage!

Brew yourselves a cuppa and take five…

Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography by Peter Boyd pbp163w-003 pbp163w-007 pbp163w-012 pbp163w-018

This is commonly referred to as ‘Whisky Face’… pbp163w-019 pbp163w-034 pbp163w-047 pbp163w-050 pbp163w-057 pbp163w-063 pbp163w-064 pbp163w-068 pbp163w-070 pbp163w-077 pbp163w-081 pbp163w-082 pbp163w-084 pbp163w-092 pbp163w-106 pbp163w-115 pbp163w-116 pbp163w-120 pbp163w-127

Meanwhile, upstairs… pbp163w-138 pbp163w-142 pbp163w-144 pbp163w-145 pbp163w-158 pbp163w-159 pbp163w-168 pbp163w-169 pbp163w-172 pbp163w-174 pbp163w-175 pbp163w-184 pbp163w-185 pbp163w-186 pbp163w-190 pbp163w-192 pbp163w-195 pbp163w-196 pbp163w-197 pbp163w-198 pbp163w-203 pbp163w-204 pbp163w-209 pbp163w-210 pbp163w-212 pbp163w-215 pbp163w-217 pbp163w-221 pbp163w-229 pbp163w-232 pbp163w-234 pbp163w-239 pbp163w-241 pbp163w-242 pbp163w-243 pbp163w-244 pbp163w-253 pbp163w-259 pbp163w-267 pbp163w-284 pbp163w-285 pbp163w-298 pbp163w-299 pbp163w-300 pbp163w-302 pbp163w-303 pbp163w-304 pbp163w-305 pbp163w-306 pbp163w-309 pbp163w-330 pbp163w-331 pbp163w-336 pbp163w-342 pbp163w-357 pbp163w-393 pbp163w-395 pbp163w-397 pbp163w-399 pbp163w-400 pbp163w-402 pbp163w-404 pbp163w-406 pbp163w-409 pbp163w-410 pbp163w-412 pbp163w-414 pbp163w-416 pbp163w-417 pbp163w-419 pbp163w-424 pbp163w-441

Claire & Nathan are now starting their married lives together as teachers in China. Good luck guys and thanks for an awesome day!

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by Pete

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