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Peter Boyd Photo Blog bio picture

Hello and welcome

I'm a photographer based in Yorkshire who specialises in wedding,
portrait and headshot photography. I also undertake commercial
commissions, including interior photography, theatre productions and
event coverage.

I am married to Kelly, my long suffering wife, and we live in Huddersfield with our cat, Simon.

I've always had a passion for photography, from watching my grandad
repair old cameras in his spare room to looking through the press
photography of my godfather.

I endeavour to create detailed, stunning and memorable images and my mantra is simple:- there's beauty in everything!

So, sit back with a cuppa and have a browse through my blog. Comments
are always welcome, so don't be shy (Although I will delete anything
that is abusive or makes fun of my hair!)


Carly & Chris’ Rise Hall Wedding

In the first of a barrage of blog updates we have here the wonderful wedding of Carly and Chris, which took place back in August at the rather splendid Rise Hall. We’ve been wanting to shoot a wedding here for a while (although we’d already taken part in a supplier-arranged shoot) and were thrilled when Carly and Chris chose us as their photographers.

Carly was lucky enough to be getting ready at Rise Hall from the get-go, so I arrived to a pretty relaxed gaggle of women getting on with their preparations…

pbp147w-002 pbp147w-004 pbp147w-005 pbp147w-010 pbp147w-012 pbp147w-014 pbp147w-019 pbp147w-020 pbp147w-021 pbp147w-026 pbp147w-031 Here’s make-up aficionado Victoria Farr working her magic… pbp147w-040 pbp147w-041 pbp147w-044 pbp147w-045 pbp147w-048 pbp147w-049 pbp147w-050 pbp147w-051 pbp147w-054 pbp147w-055 pbp147w-058 pbp147w-059 pbp147w-060 pbp147w-064 pbp147w-065 And – as always – Kelly joined Chris and his men… pbp147w-067 pbp147w-068 pbp147w-069 pbp147w-070 pbp147w-073 pbp147w-074 pbp147w-076 pbp147w-078 Cufflinks can be challenging… pbp147w-082 pbp147w-083 pbp147w-085 pbp147w-091 pbp147w-095 pbp147w-096 pbp147w-102 pbp147w-105 pbp147w-109 pbp147w-110 pbp147w-113 pbp147w-121 pbp147w-123 pbp147w-142 pbp147w-143 pbp147w-150 pbp147w-151 pbp147w-152 pbp147w-153 pbp147w-155 pbp147w-163 pbp147w-164 pbp147w-168 pbp147w-169 pbp147w-170 pbp147w-171 pbp147w-172 pbp147w-175 pbp147w-177 pbp147w-178 pbp147w-183 pbp147w-190 pbp147w-200 There’s always someone who doesn’t want to play ball… pbp147w-201 pbp147w-210 pbp147w-211 pbp147w-213 pbp147w-215 pbp147w-216 pbp147w-217 pbp147w-220 pbp147w-221 pbp147w-225 pbp147w-228 pbp147w-231 It’s unclear whether or not making your son suck a slice of lemon qualifies as child abuse… pbp147w-258 pbp147w-268 pbp147w-290 pbp147w-299 pbp147w-301 pbp147w-305 pbp147w-312 pbp147w-314 pbp147w-316 pbp147w-319 pbp147w-320 pbp147w-322 pbp147w-323 pbp147w-326 pbp147w-328 pbp147w-330 pbp147w-332 pbp147w-334 pbp147w-338 The table-football was taken VERY seriously… pbp147w-342 pbp147w-354 pbp147w-360 pbp147w-375 pbp147w-388 pbp147w-394 pbp147w-403 pbp147w-406 pbp147w-413 pbp147w-414 Can’t resist a bit of air-guitar… pbp147w-421 The wedding party dance-off was a sight to see… pbp147w-429

We had a great day at Rise Hall with Carly and Chris and hope their married life is full of happiness and swings!

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by Pete


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November 5, 2014 - 7:02 pm Victoria Farr - Hi Peter & Kelly! Thank you so much for the tag and mention - amazing images! Hope to you both soon. Victoria

December 10, 2014 - 5:55 pm Viktor Poptop - That's a great choice of venue! Enjoyed the photos so much....beautiful wedding.

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